We invite you to the “Strong Immunity” seminar with the participation of an integrative medicine doctor, nutritionist Anastasia Kurginian.

After the workshop, you will:

• understand how the immune system works and what can weaken it;

• learn the reasons and how to act in case of the most common infectious diseases;

• get a clear plan to strengthen your immune system if it is weakened;

• learn how to come to a speedy recovery without complications;

• learn to prevent #covid and maximize recovery from illness (return of smell, correction of weakness and increased hair loss);

• you will understand how to strengthen immunity for both adults and children from birth.


Nice bonus! You will receive a nutritional plan to strengthen your immune system.


Consider a natural home medicine cabinet:

1. For the prevention of infectious diseases and basic immunity support.

2. First aid kit during the period of illness.

3. To recover from an infectious disease.

4. For the formation of strong immunity at a high level of stress.


All participants of the seminar will take part in the drawing Health Box "Strong Immunity", which Dr. Anastasia Kurginian has collected for buyers and admirers of the European multi-brand store of professional cosmeceuticals and food supplements Trelis.

Participation conditions: 40 EUR contribution, which you can use to purchase Trelis products - Power of Nature vitamins, Jean Paul Myne organic hair cosmetics and Col Du Marine nutritional supplements. You can preview the assortment on our website.

Follow @trelis_events on Instagram and take part in the draw for free participation in the seminar.

Registration is required: