The international company Trelis unites highly qualified specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine, professional cosmetology and nutritional medicine, who work in the beauty industry in Belarus and the Baltic countries. The company is an official distributor of goods for professional cosmetology, skin care products, vitamins, dietary supplements and genetic tests of famous brands from Israel, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, France and other countries. Trelis customers value quality products that help them stay young, energetic and healthy.


Trelis: We make unique products available to our customers.


The Spanish brand Toskani has already won many hearts of professionals by offering a full range of patient care and aesthetic solutions. An extensive line of mesotherapy cocktails. Easy-to-use peels. Excellent home care that prolongs and improves the result after mesotherapy.

High results of aesthetic cosmetology are possible if you work with the body not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Trelis is the exclusive representative of the Greek brand Power of nature, which produces nutraceuticals to combat the deficiency of vitamins and minerals necessary for an active life, healthy sleep and, as a result, improve well-being and solve aesthetic problems.

Since 2017, Trelis employees regularly attend international cosmetology congresses and follow all the new trends in modern cosmetology. The Trelis catalog features some of the best in the industry.

To enable Trelis customers to choose from a variety of brands and products, Trelis hosts a wide variety of product-specific marketing events and educational seminars. Trelis' speakers and clients are the best cosmetologists from many countries of the world. Because Trelis guarantees the quality and safety of all products that the company sells.

The goal of the Trelis team is to be reliable assistants for professionals in the cosmetic industry, to meet the need of cosmetologists for the most effective, high-quality products to achieve high results. To serve as a guide to the world of professional cosmetics for the end consumer, helping to choose the most suitable daily care from the many products on the market today.

During its work, the Trelis team has won the love and trust of the leading cosmetologists of the Republic of Belarus and the Baltic countries. We managed to build a reliable system of communication between Trelis team members, cosmetologists and customers.


We love what we do!
Sincerely, Trelis Team