We invite you to a master class on face contouring with fillers based on hyaluronic acid. As models - at the cost of the drug.

The procedures will be performed by a qualified specialist with medical education and extensive experience in the field of aesthetic cosmetology - Dr. Sergei Ostapchuk (Barcelona).
Member of the European Association of Dermatologists.
Member of the Mesotherapy Association.
Author of scientific papers.
She has an advanced training diploma in surgery from Donetsk Medical University.

Important! The procedures are performed exclusively according to indications and after consultation with a doctor based on your request.

Correction of the natural shape of the cheekbones.
Elimination of deep expression wrinkles, nasolabial folds.
Lip augmentation and correction of their shape.
Smoothing out skin folds in the lips, nose and chin area.
Correction of deep tears and wrinkles around the eyes.
Elimination of facial asymmetry.