Hyaluronic Acid Sofhyal

The main challenge in the industry has been to develop a monophasic gel with the advantages of biphasism, which has led to the introduction of hybrid products to the market. But Sofhyal goes even further with its ultra monophasic technology.

- 100% cross-linked gel without phosphate buffer, diluted in the final phase
- Greater treatment efficiency due to the complete cross-linking of the gel, which is not diluted on
final stage.
- Integration of lidocaine with a more uniform distribution within the product.
- Reduced swelling after application.

The various production steps are optimized by no addition of buffers or soluble hyaluronic acid without mixing, the crosslinks remain intact and at the same time the presence of a low temperature crosslinking process guarantees product integrity and a very low residual bdde certified below 0.1ppm.
Indeed, we can say that thanks to the combination of monophasic and two-phase technology, we have reached a new level of performance.

- Provides a long-lasting, voluminous and filling effect.
- Greater comfort during the procedure due to the addition of lidocaine
- Certified BDDE residue < 0.1 ppm.
- Improved rheological performance with tangent (TAN) below 0.1
- Formulated with bio-fermented hyaluronic acid
- Using high quality pharmaceutical raw materials