We invite you to the seminar "Weight Loss and Maintain" with the participation of an integrative medicine doctor, endocrinologist, nutritionist Anastasia Kurginian.

After the seminar you will learn:

⁃ Is there a magic pill for weight loss and what is the real cause of obesity.
⁃ What changes in the body with excess weight: learn to see the system in the processes that accompany excess weight - an increase in cholesterol, blood pressure, uric acid, etc. Learn how to deal with it.
⁃ Which diets work and which are harmful and lead to breakdowns.
⁃ Psychology of eating behavior.
⁃ 5 basic habits of harmony.
⁃ When and what nutraceuticals can help to reduce and maintain weight.

Exclusively for clients of the European multi-brand store of professional cosmeceuticals and nutritional supplements Trelis, Dr. Anastasia Kurginian has developed Inspiration Boxes:
⁃ Help in weight loss.
⁃ Weight retention and detox.
⁃ Weight loss due to physical activity.

Nice bonus! All seminar participants will take part in the Inspiration Box draw from Trelis.

Participation conditions: €40 contribution, which you can use to purchase Trelis products - Power of Nature vitamins, Jean Paul Myne organic hair cosmetics and Col Du Marine nutritional supplements. You can preview the range on our website.

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