Ammonia-free hair bleaching paste DOC Oleodec

500 g
DOC OLEODEC is the first bleaching system in oil bath, without ammonia, safe for the master, effective and gentle, suitable for all bleaching techniques. Contains valuable protective and moisturizing oils – rice oil, olive oil, argan oil, babassu oil and limnantes alba.


Main ingredients: olive oil, rice oil, argan oil, vetiver oil, babassu oil, limnantes alba oil.
Indications for use: used for a variety of hair bleaching techniques up to 7 levels
Mode of application: the product should be mixed ONLY with the required DOC ACTIV ENZYME - The vegan mixture is 100% balanced! Mixing ratio with DOC ACTIV ENZYME: 1: 0.8 - for open bleaching techniques; 1: 1 for closed techniques or intensive bleaching; 1: 2 to bleach the roots of the hair or completely bleach the length of the hair.
Packing: 500 g
Storage conditions: at room temperature
Expiration date: indicated on the packaging

Innovative lighting system helps to achieve the same color along the lengths and edges. Optimal balance between lightening and attitude to the structure of the hair. The first ammonia-free oil bath whitening system, specially designed to avoid dust scattering in the workplace during the preparation of the mixture and for maximum delicacy on the hair and skin. While traditional bleaches dry the hair, thus blocking the lightening process, Doc Oleodec, thanks to the oils it contains, continues to act on the hair, achieving better results and in some cases avoids the need for re-application (lightens up to 7). tons). Precious oils maintain the best cosmetic effect by protecting the hair.

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