Activ Pulp Enzime 05 Vol

1000 ml
Activ Pulp is a professional enzyme enriched with organic enzymes derived from pineapple, valuable moisturizing and regenerating active oils and aloe vera extract.


Main ingredients: papaya and pineapple enzymes; spirulina, babassu oil, vetiver oil, vegetable collagen, organic hydrogen peroxide within pharmaceutical boundaries
Indications for use: designed to catalyze coloring agents
Mode of application: mixing with Vegan hair dye Doc Color in a ratio of 1: 1. Mix with Doc Oleodec and Doc Powerdec in a ratio of 1:0.8 to 1:2 depending on the chosen hair bleaching technique. The exposure time of the coloring mixture on the hair is 25 minutes.
Packing: 1000 ml
Storage conditions: at room temperature
Expiration date: indicated on the packaging
do not eat, keep out of direct sunlight, keep out of reach of children

Active Pulpe Enzime is a professional enzyme enriched with organic pineapple-derived enzymes, valuable moisturizing and regenerating active oils and aloe vera extract. Its texture, in combination with the dye, allows you to get a creamy mixture that retains its qualities during dyeing. The innovative formulation of Activ Pulp Enzime makes it perfectly compatible with all products of the Jean Paul Myne coloring system - Doc Color, Dolor Oleodec, Doc Powder Dec, Frozen Deco, while guaranteeing maximum comfort during application and over time. Active enzyme-cream Activ Pulp Enzime is a guarantee of a delicate effect on the hair and scalp. Compared to traditional oxidizing agents, it has the most gentle effect on sensitive scalp and damaged hair, leaves hair bright and moisturized for a long time. Activ Pulp enzyme is presented in five types: 0.05 (1.5%) 0.1 (3% ) 0.2 (6%) 0.3 (9%) 0.4 (12%)

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