RE:Q PINK Revital Serum 1.8ml

1.8 ml x 3
Revitalizing corrective serum for the intimate area. Silky hydration, elasticity of sensitive female skin and tissue regeneration of the genital area.


Main ingredients: acetyl hexapeptide-8, hexapeptide palmitoyl pentapeptideb Cu-tripeptideb PTD growth factors SP1-EGF SPI-EGFI SP1-FGF2, bicelphin-IGF1 SP1-SOD, SP1-TPX, carnosine, adenosine, Lactobacillus enzyme, Lactococcus enzyme, Bifida enzyme filtrate, Bitida enzyme filtrate, Macadamia Ternitolia seed oil, aloe and barbadensis leaf extract, other 10 kinds of natural oils.
Indications for use: rejuvenation of the intimate zone (lifting, whitening), narrowing of the vagina, increased libido, restoration of estrogen levels, microflora and PH of the vagina, incontinence, tissue regeneration after childbirth and gynecological operations, and much more.
Mode of application: Step 1 - Wash your hands before opening the package and tear off the individual package. step 2 - Remove half of the applicator and hold the cap with your fingers, then remove the cap by bending it down. Step 3 - Take out the applicator and get into a comfortable position. step 4 - Press the plunger to release the serum. Step 5 - Gently apply the serum to the area outside the vagina. * Keep yourself in a comfortable position, such as lying down while using.
Packing: 1.8 ml x 3
Storage conditions: at room temperature
Expiration date: indicated on the packaging

RE:Q Pink Serum is the secret to inner beauty. The combination of the latest technology and biomaterials combines the fruits of life science and dermatology to improve Y-zone skin. RE:Q Pink is able to increase the synthesis of extracellular materials such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The antioxidant in RE:Pink can protect cells from oxidative stress and regulate apoptosis. Some act as a growth factor and are known to be involved in the regulation of inflammatory responses and intercellular communication. In addition, RE:Q Pink has the most advanced delivery system called protein domain transduction (PDT), which delivers high molecular weight functional active ingredients such as proteins and peptides across the skin barrier to target cells located deep in the skin layer.

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