Biorevitalizant GEO Bio-Revitalizing 60

2 ml in a syringe
Tissue biorevitalizant GEO Bio-Revitalizing 60 based on non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid and a complex of amino acids is an innovative tissue stimulator with a WOW effect that is noticeable after the first session.


Main ingredients: hyaluronic acid 40 mg/2 ml, complex of 20 amino acids
Indications for use: dehydrated, dry, sagging skin, skin after exposure to UV radiation or air conditioning; skin with stretch marks, small and medium wrinkles; skin in need of rejuvenation and hydration or as an additional therapy to other methods
Mode of application: Using Geo Biorevitalizing 60, you can use the traditional multi-point mesotherapy or the 4-point biorevitalization technique. The technique of 4-point biorevitalization (4 PBR) consists in performing 4 injections of 0.25 ml of the drug at the appropriate points on each side of the face, minimizing the risk of bruising and pain. The treatment takes about 30 minutes. To achieve complex skin rejuvenation, it is recommended to carry out 2-3 procedures with an interval of a month. For optimal results, it is recommended to have treatment reminder sessions at intervals of 1 month, in an amount depending on the progression of the aging process. To further enhance the effect, the course of treatment is repeated 2-3 times a year.
Packing: 2 ml in a syringe
Storage conditions: at room temperature
Expiration date: 3 years

The exceptional effectiveness of GEO Bio-Revitalizing 60 is due to the record high concentration of 40 mg/2 ml of hyaluronic acid and the use of up to 20 amino acids with reactivating properties. The synergy of GEO Bio-Revitalizing 60 provides multifaceted revitalization and deep tissue stimulation. A rich complex of amino acids plays a key role in the restoration of the extracellular matrix and the restoration of collagen and elastin, while the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid (40 mg / 2 ml) instantly improves the elasticity, density and quality of the skin. Designed to quickly reduce and eliminate the signs of skin aging, for biorevitalization of dehydrated and damaged skin, restore lost facial contours, strengthen the extracellular matrix of the skin, neutralize skin sagging, smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone and elasticity.

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