ST Sun Care Age Prevent Gel-Cream Body SPF50

200 ml
This non-greasy, easily absorbed body gel cream provides of the skin thanks to the Full Light Protection system Protection against a wide spectrum of radiation.


Main ingredients: Active ingredients: Aqua Provita D3® 1%, Cobiodefender 2%, Venuceane1%, SPF 50 UVA/UVB Vitamin E 0.15%
Indications for use: Activates receptors in the skin to which vitamin D3 binds; Improves skin barrier functions, reduces skin irritation, improves skin resistance to UV rays, reduces inflammatory processes and slows skin aging.
Mode of application: Apply generously to dry skin half an hour before sunbathing. Reapply every two hours
Packing: 200 ml
Storage conditions: at room temperature

Солнцезащитный крем для тела, SPF 50+ Этот нежирный, легко впитывающийся гель-крем для тела обеспечивает кожи благодаря системе Full Light Protection Защита от широкого спектра излучения

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