Novuma Collagen Stimulator

1,5 ml
Novuma provides intense lifting and recovery thanks to its voluminous effect. In addition to its defining effect, it rejuvenates your skin by stimulating collagen production.


Indications for use: can be used in and around the nasolabial folds, to enhance the cheeks, correct marionette lines, eliminate wrinkles and the effect of aging hands, and achieve the desired V-shape in the treatment of the jaw and jawline.
Packing: 1,5 ml
Storage conditions: at room temperature
Expiration date: indicated on the packaging

Novuma is a dermal filler that stimulates collagen production. It has an instant lifting and regenerating effect on the skin from the moment of injection. By increasing fibroblast activation, it allows your skin to stimulate natural collagen production and provides long-term skin rejuvenation effects. It will help you get a more dynamic, fresher and younger looking face. It is 100% biocompatible and completely soluble. It is suitable for application in the deep dermis and subcutaneous layers.

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