Lotion Ocrys Sensitive Scalp Balance

Special product for scalp care in case of increased sebaceous gland secretion or dandruff. The lotion regulates the sebaceous glands, restores lipid balance, prevents dandruff, and helps get rid of itching.


Main ingredients: extracts of zantoxylum, xymenia americana bark, figs, ziziphus, hibiscus, nettle, Peruvian poppy, crow and milk thistle, as well as flax seed oil
Indications for use: for scalp care with increased secretion of sebaceous glands or dandruff
How to use: apply to the scalp before using shampoo, then use Sensitive Balance or Sensitive Purify, depending on the condition of the scalp (enlargement of the sebaceous glands or dandruff. The lotion is suitable for professional and home use
Packaging: 150 ml in a bottle
Storage conditions: at room temperature

It is a Specific treatment for scalp with sebum and/or dandruft, for the salon and home. Apply on scalp before shampoo and complete the treatment with Sensitive Shampoo Balance or Sensitive Purify Shampoo depending on the scalp issues (dandruft or sebum). Enriched with ximenia americana, ziziphus joazeiro, zanthalen. NO SLES, NO SLS, NO ALLERGENS.

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