Conditioner Ocrys Sensitive 250 ml

The conditioner is designed for gentle and light moisturizing. Thanks to its active ingredients, it helps to restore hair health. Suitable for people who love gentle and light moisturizing, as well as those with very fine hair.


Main ingredients: figs, nettle, serpentine, and milk thistle, bark of xymenia americana
Indications for use: for gentle and light moisturizing, suitable for fine hair
How to use: apply to clean, towel-dried hair. Soak for 1-3 minutes and rinse with water. Perform the laying. For best results, use shampoo from the Sensitive line
Packaging: 250 ml in a bottle
Storage conditions: at room temperature

It is a conditioner for delicate and light hydration. Thanks to the active substance inside it helps to restore the well-being of the hair and it’s suitable for those people who love softness and light hydration, is perfect for very thin hair. It work in sinergy with Sensitive Shampoo Purify or Balance and help to keep the balance between scalp and hair. Enriched with special active ingredients wich restore and prevent any scalp issues. NO SLES, NO SLS, NO ALLERGENS.

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