Shampoo Ocrys Sensitive Balance 1000 ml

Shampoo for oily scalp. The shampoo gently cleanses and cares for the scalp with increased secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands, restores the lipid balance of the epidermis, makes the hair look well-groomed and soft.


Main ingredients: extracts of zantoxylum, american xymenia bark, figs, ziziphus, hibiscus, peruvian maca
Indications for use: for scalp prone to greasiness
How to use: wet your hair with warm water. Take a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand, and then apply to the scalp. Massage for two minutes, rinse with warm water, without rinsing completely. Then take a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand and massage it along the length of your hair. Leave the shampoo on for a couple of minutes. Due to the high pH level, the shampoo opens the cuticle, allowing useful components to penetrate deep into the hair. Then rinse your hair well. In combination with a Sensitive hair mask or a Sensitive conditioner, it helps to preserve the beauty and softness of the hair
Packaging: 1000 ml in a dispenser
Storage conditions: at room temperature

It is a gentle cleansing shampoo for scalp with hyperhidrosis and sebum. Thanks to its cleansing agents extremply delicate helps to rebalance the hydrolipid layer of the scalp and to reduce the sebum. It works in synergy with Sensitive Mask or Sensitive Conditioner and helps to maintain the beauty and delicacy of the hair. Enriched with fig and maca root, also known as the “ energy root”, it balance the hydrolipid layer of the scalp. NO SLES, NO SLS, NO ALLERGENS.

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