Peeling Bio-Revitalizing Face3

1 bottle x 6 ml
Created to improve the appearance and quality of the skin in the fight against aging, hyperpigmentation and acne. Caromeditalia has created a high-tech product with an absolutely innovative concept, with the most advanced formula and rich composition, suitable for all skin types.


Main ingredients: MANDELIC ACID 7-9% speeds up renewal cells, helping to remove dead skin from the surface. LACTIC ACID 1-3% exfoliates the skin, brightens dark spots and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. MALIC ACID 6-9% balances the pH level of the skin and increases moisture retention.
Indications for use: moisturizing, elasticity, smoothness, lifting, moisturizing and softening a complex of amino acids (peptides) for cellular regeneration and skin health, skin restoration and renewal
Mode of application: step 1 - Cleanse your skin to remove all dirt, oil and make-up. step 2 - collect the required amount of the drug with a special pipette, use a silicone cap for a sterile procedure step 5 - peel off Step 3 - Apply the product and spread it with the Face3 Vibe over the face, running it no more than once over the area to be treated. step 6 - apply face cream 3 with SPF and avoid sun exposure after the procedure FACE3: One box (6 vials/6ml) can be used for up to 18 treatments. - Facial treatment: about 2ml/patient - Face/neck treatment: about 4ml/patient - Full treatment of the face + neck + décolleté + hands: about 6 ml / patient Better penetration thanks to Face3 Vibe. Product savings: spread a smaller amount over a larger area. 50Hz vibration stimulates blood circulation and increases efficiency by up to 40%. Sterile thanks to 6 protective silicone caps and acid protection. Less pain, more comfort for the patient. The applicator should be passed over the treated area only once. Effective, but not aggressive due to the properties of acids. Can be used in any season of the year. Injection zones: neck, face, hands, decollete
Packing: 1 bottle x 6 ml
Storage conditions: at room temperature
Expiration date: indicated on the packaging
up to 18 procedures in one box
Face3 biorevitalizing peel is a real peel that requires professional staff who know the patient's skin type (Fitzpatrick skin phototype).
During the session, the practitioner must act in accordance with: - the patient's phototype - the skin reaction - the patient's sensations - the sensations of the skin - if necessary, remove the peeling before the time specified in the protocol.
After the procedure, the patient may experience redness and irritation. After a few days, the patient has peeling of the skin. In this regard, the patient must: avoid direct exposure to the sun. Use a nourishing cream with an spf factor

Created by Caromeditalia for the most modern and high-tech operators and clinics. Luxurious peeling with a rich formula and the most effective composition. Contains an anti-aging (aa) complex (one bottle - two products) first peel in combination with a drink and cream. Better penetration thanks to Face3 Vibe.

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