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9 bottles of 25 ml
SKINBOOSTER based on Verisol® collagen peptides and various nutritional ingredients. Its effectiveness has been proven by several clinical research.


Main ingredients: verisol natural collagen peptides (reduce wrinkles and improve elasticity), hyaluronic acid (retains water in tissues and moisturizes), biotin (plays a major role in metabolism, helps the formation of amino acids), vitamin C (stimulates collagen production and prevents the appearance of pigmentation), vitamin E (has a powerful antioxidant effect) ginseng (anti-aging ingredient, helps to tone and brighten the skin), sea buckthorn (responsible for the restoration and regeneration of the skin), sambucus (contains vitamin A, to combat age spots).
Indications for use: stimulates the immune system of the skin and protects, regulates the production of sebum and moisturizes, stimulates the production of collagen, reduces the depth of wrinkles
Mode of application: it can be used as part of the Face3 system treatment or standalone. For optimal results, it is recommended to take 1 vial per day for two weeks before peeling.
Packing: 9 bottles of 25 ml
Storage conditions: at room temperature
Expiration date: indicated on the packaging
- anti-aging treatments can be repeated after at least 2 months.
- for acne-prone skin, you can repeat the procedure after a month.
- with hyperpigmentation of the skin, you can repeat the treatment 1 time in 15 days.
- The amount of peeling used is the same.
- exposure can vary from 3 to 10 minutes depending on skin type, phototype and problem.

- made in Italy
- made by a medical company with a medical background
- new concept of skin care: drinking, peeling and regeneration
- Manufactured with the most advanced technology and innovation
- extremely rich and nourishing ingredients: 36 ACTIVE
- luxury design
- systemic local treatment
- intelligent system in which products can be used
together or separately
- comfortable for doctor and patient

The first drink-peel used in medicine.

-Designed as a high-tech product with the most advanced formula and the richest composition.

- face3 exists in two formulations to work before and after the procedure.
- can be used as part of a face3 procedure or standalone.

The first special composition of the drink for before and after treatment

- innovative formulas with 17 rich and active ingredients
- scientifically proven skin improvement: clinical study of verisol and seaberry
- low calorie

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