Bioreparant Twac 2.0

syringe 3 ml; ultra-fine injection needles
Twac 2.0 is a gel for biorevitalization of the skin of the face and individual parts of the body. It contains hyaluronic acid and polynucleotides. The booster is designed to eliminate the first signs of aging and normalize the water balance in tissues.


Main ingredients: polynucleotides 5 mg/ml, hyaluronic acid 15 mg/ml
Indications for use: to eliminate signs of fine-wrinkled type of aging and normalize water balance in tissues
Mode of application: the drug is used as part of complex therapy. It is used on skin areas with pronounced age-related changes and mechanical defects. To achieve the best results of therapy, apply 4 times every 30 days. Injection area: face, neck, décolleté, back of the hands
Packing: syringe 3 ml; ultra-fine injection needles
Storage conditions: at room temperature
Contraindications: allergies to components, individual intolerance; taking anticoagulants; exacerbation of chronic diseases; the presence of oncological and autoimmune diseases; pregnancy, breastfeeding period.
Side effects: slight swelling of tissues; redness; itching.

Preparation for intradermal administration with a concentration of polynucleotides 5 mg/ml and hyaluronic acid - 15 mg/ml, MM - 1500 kDA. It is indicated to eliminate the signs of a finely wrinkled type of aging, to prevent the first signs of age-related changes in photo- and chrono-aging, with frequent diets, after antibiotics and hormone replacement therapy, after pregnancy and lactation. Designed to normalize the condition of the skin after traumatic effects.

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