Mandelic Peel 30%

50 ml bottle
TOSKANI Mindelic Peel is a gentle, mandelic acid-based chemical peel that provides less overall irritation compared to other AHAs, which is beneficial for those with sensitive, breakout-prone skin.


Main ingredients: mandelic Acid 30%, 40% or 50%
Indications for use: rosacea, photo-ageing, discromy
Mode of application: thoroughly cleanse the skin with a cleanser. Degrease the skin with a degreaser. Apply 1.5-2 ml of peeling in a thin layer with a brush. The exposure time is determined by the beautician. Carefully neutralize the effect of peeling with a neutralizing agent. Apply regenerating cream
Packing: 50 ml bottle
Storage conditions: at room temperature
Expiration date: indicated on the packaging

TOSKANI Mandelic Peel is a gentle chemical peel made of Mandelic Acid. Because the molecules of this acid are larger than those of other alpha-hydroxy acids used in chemical peels, it is the least aggresive and the best tolerated of all, since it penetrates the skin more slowly and at a lower depth. This peeling provides less general irritation compared to other AHAs, which is beneficial for those who have sensitive skin prone to inflammation. Mandelic acid has an antibacterial effect on the skin, which makes it a viable option for those with acne-prone skin who want to try a chemical peel but are concerned about clogged pores and irritation. Mandelic Peel is also a possible option for those who have never tried a chemical peel before and want smooth but effective results on the skin.

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