2,5 ml in a vial
Anti-aging mesotherapy product RE:Q25, designed to intensively restore, moisturize and tighten aged or sagging skin, as well as to generate hair.


Main ingredients: oligopeptide - 23, oligopeptide - 24, oligopeptide - 34, oligopeptide - 72, oligopeptide - 51, decapeptide - 29, acetyl decapeptide - 3, copper tripeptide - 1
Indications for use: age-related skin changes, all types of wrinkles, deep dermal creases, dermatotoptosis, rosacea, pigmentation, water-lipid balance disorders, all types of scars, acne, eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, vitiligo, all types of alopecia, dandruff, seborrhea, early gray hair, secular hair, thin hair, post-traumatic pigmentation, rehabilitation after laser procedures, deep and medium peels, plastic surgeries
Mode of application: after applying the anesthetic cream, perform the injection procedure. (The depth can be adjusted according to the purpose of the procedure) on average 3-4 times every 2 weeks. * No side effects, slight swelling is possible within 30-60 minutes
Packing: 2,5 ml in a vial
Storage conditions: at room temperature
Expiration date: 3 years

Anti-aging mesotherapy product Re:Q25, designed for intensive restoration, moisturizing and tightening of aged or sagging skin, for hydrolifting, anti-wrinkle, as well as for hair generation. RE:Q 25 contains 25% hyaluronic acid, which is the key to instantly smoothing wrinkles, brightening, and leaving skin looking radiant and dewy. This product is suitable for the relief of melasma, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines and skin aging. Ingredients: - HGF: induces cell activation and surgical wound healing - TGF-β: repair of damaged tissues and regulation of immune cell proliferation - FGF7: factors for the formation of epithelial tissue, wound epithelialization and hair growth .-bNGF: growth factor for the function of proliferation and regeneration of keratinocytes - EGF: epithelial cells and skin regeneration and control of all other growth factors. Re:Q is the only biological multi-peptide preparation, the most powerful peptide complex (of biological origin), which contains more than 130 types of peptides that are most important for the skin!

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