Filler Facetem 0.8 ml*2

0.8 ml x 2 syringes
Facetem is a new generation injection implant based on calcium hydroxyapatite with patented technology of collagen-stimulating Lattice-pore microspheres, providing non-surgical face lifting and long-term correction of wrinkles.


Main ingredients: particles of calcium hydroxyapatite CaHA ranging in size from 24 to 45 microns (calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres make up 30% of it, and the gel carrier makes up 70%)
Indications for use: intended for plastic and reconstructive surgery aimed at correcting soft tissue damage after accidents and injuries, as well as in aesthetic medicine to correct skin defects and restore the natural volume and contour of the face and body, including deep dermal and subdermal soft tissue augmentation
Mode of application: according to the protocol
Packing: 0.8 ml x 2 syringes
Storage conditions: at room temperature
Expiration date: 2 years

Facetem is a new generation South Korean dermal implant based on calcium hydroxyapatite. It has a cellular microspherical structure created using patented Lattice-pore technology. After introducing a new generation of filler into the skin, instant non-surgical lifting occurs, contours are modeled, and the facial frame is restored to a youthful state. The main advantages are an instant lifting and modeling effect, stimulation of collagen synthesis, biocompatibility with the human body, long-term effect (up to 2 years!). Homogenized Facetem microspheres give the gel excellent rheological characteristics, determine the uniformity of its distribution and its uniform biodegradation, stimulating fibroblasts and extensively triggering the process of neocollagenesis. Calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHa) is a synthesized analogue of the tissues of the internal environment of the body (compact connective tissue), which does not cause allergies, is perceived by the skin without complications, supporting its ability to self-heal. IMPORTANT! Calcium hydroxyaptite is implanted into the skin in the form of microspheres, which stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the dermis and are gradually eliminated from the body naturally.

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