Regeneration Absolue Treatment Pack

5 treat
Regeneration Absolue Treatment Pack combinations of active ingredients such as "ProRenew Complex ®" and snail protein extract. They act on skin cells, restoring its energy and restoring cellular activity.


Main ingredients: "ProRenew Complex ®"- speeds up the regeneration process, helps to better absorb oxygen and promotes the process of cell renewal. Snail protein extract - regenerates, moisturizes, has antibacterial, soothing and antioxidant properties. Thermal water - soothes and moisturizes. Biosaccharides - protect cells. Reduces allergic reaction. Soy Glycopeptides - firming, regenerating, anti-wrinkle effect. Collagen activator - activates collagen synthesis, has excellent anti-aging properties. Milk proteins - regenerates and restores the skin. Yucca Biopolymer - improves skin elasticity, firming effect. Aloe Vera - soothes, refreshes, regenerates and moisturizes. Allantoin - regenerates, soothes and protects.
Indications for use: Accelerates the cell regeneration process/regenerates the skin. Strengthens the protection of the hydrolipidic layer of the skin. Stimulates the self-renewal process of the skin. Protects against bacteria. Reduces inflammation and redness of the skin. The skin acquires a healthy appearance. The result is improved skin protein synthesis and significant support of collagen and elastin structural fibers.
Mode of application: The Ligne Régénération Absolue package consists of 5 treatments. Frequency of the procedure: 1 session per week for five consecutive weeks.
Packing: 5 treat

REGENERATION ABSOLUE LINE - is a comprehensive beauty program created with the most advanced combination of active ingredients such as "ProRenew Complex ®" and snail protein extract. They affect the skin cells, restoring its energy and restoring cell activity. The result is an improvement in the synthesis of skin proteins and a significant increase in collagen and elastin structural fiber support. Both active components become powerful helpers for mature or damaged skin. As a result, expression lines are softened and the skin is renewed and looks beautiful, clear and soft like velvet.

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