Regeneration Absolue Beauty Coffert

1x50 1x15 1x5
Selvert Thermal's Regeneration Absolue Gift Set is a comprehensive regenerating cosmetic treatment, the main ingredient of which is snail extract and ProRenew complex.


Main ingredients: snail extract, allantoin, soy glycopeptides, pro-renewing complex
Indications for use: designed for mature skin or skin that has been exposed to external aggression, which has become dull and opaque. Ideal from 40-45 years old.
Mode of application: 1. Wash your face with cool water and pat dry with a clean towel. You can also use a mild cleanser. 2. Then apply a small amount of Pour Yeux Eye Contour Repair Gel Cream, spreading the product from the inside to the outside of the eye contour. 3. Now you can apply the Regenerating Active. Dispense a sufficient amount into the palm of your hand and spread over the face, neck and décolleté, massaging gently and making light tapping movements. 4. Finally, apply Creme Regeneratrice on the face, neck and décolleté with light massaging movements until completely absorbed. At night: 1. Wash your face with warm water and special cleansing milk. 2. Apply moisturizing toner with a cotton pad or tissue. 3. Then apply Regenerateur Pour Yeux Eye Contour Gel Cream. 4. Apply Regenerating Active. 5. Finally, apply a special night cream for your skin type and age.
Packing: 1x50 1x15 1x5
Storage conditions: at room temperature
Expiration date: indicated on the packaging

Gift set Regeneration Absolue Beauty Coffert from Severt Thermal is a complex regenerating cosmetic procedure, the main ingredients of which are snail extract and ProRenew complex.
As part of a set of creams that help the skin restore oxygen, stimulate cell renewal. As well as a nourishing gel-cream for the care of delicate skin and everything around the eyes, enhancing its regeneration. And finally, an effective treatment that helps counteract the signs of aging, scars, skin blemishes, irritation after epilation, etc.

The set contains:
1. Regenerating Cream - regenerating cream with snail extract, 50 ml. It activates cellular respiration, strengthens the skin's defense mechanisms and is ideal for skin restoration after plastic surgery and damaging cosmetic procedures such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser resurfacing.

2. Regenerating Eye Control Gel Cream - regenerating eye cream, 15 ml. Nourishing cream gels for the treatment of the skin around the eyes. It is rich in snail extract which helps improve skin regeneration.

3. Regenerating Active - regenerating concentrate, 5 ml concentrate is effective in the process of cell renewal, it helps to protect tissues with oxygen and is very effective for wrinkles and scars

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