ST + Pure Vitamin C treatment (Facial Pack)

5 treat
facial treatment "VITAMIN C", aimed at enhancing antioxidant protection, slowing down the aging process, stimulating cell regeneration, strengthening blood vessels and whitening the skin


Main ingredients: Vitamin C
Indications for use: Improves collagen synthesis Fights the effects of free radicals Brightens the skin Makes skin smooth and radiant Effective for mature skin exposed to the sun.
Mode of application: 1. Intensive course - 5 procedures performed 2 times a week. 2. Maintenance course - 5 procedures performed once a week. During the year, 2 intensive courses of procedures are allowed. A prerequisite for the course of procedures "Vitamin C" is the use by the client throughout the course of the Revitalizing Cream and Active Serum with Vitamin C for home care. Purpose of the set: for an intensive course of 5 procedures Phase 1. Vitamin C Exfoliant - 5 vials of 3 ml Active ingredients: mild cleansing agents, polyethylene granules Phase 2a. Serum with orange extract - 5 bottles of 3 ml Active ingredients: orange extract Phase 2b. Serum with 100% Vitamin C - 5 bottles of 3 ml Active ingredients: L-ascorbic acid (10%) Phase 3. Vitamin C mask - 5 packs of 30 ml Active ingredients: magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (0.5%), rosehip extract (0.5%), orange extract (5%) Phase 4. Vitamin C emulsion - 5 bottles of 3 ml Active ingredients: magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, orange extract, vitamin E, UV filters (SPF 10) Method of application: according to the method of the intensive procedure "Vitamin C"
Packing: 5 treat
Storage conditions: at room temperature

ST + Pure Vitamin C treatment with pure vitamin C provides protection against free radicals and promotes cell regeneration Product contains collagen and skin firming ingredients, fights hyperpigmentation

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