Mesothreads ReNew Eye MONO

20pcs=1pack / 5pack = 1box
ReNew EYE is a mesothread with a micro U type needle for the eye and lip area.


Main ingredients: polydioxanone (PDO)
Indications for use: recommended to reduce malar hernial sacs, seal the lateral part of the periorbital zone, get rid of dark circles under the eyes
Mode of application: for professional use only
Packing: 20pcs=1pack / 5pack = 1box
Storage conditions: store at temperatures from +1 - +25C
Expiration date: 12 months

Renew Eye is a monofilament micro-U cannula optimized for the delicate muscles around the eyes. ReNew EYE screw acts as a scaffold around the eyes and smoothes deep lines of wrinkles. Due to the atraumatic cannula, the rehabilitation period is minimal.

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