Mesothreads ReNew by COG Double

4pcs=1pack / 10pack = 1box
Double threads with bidirectional notches provide reliable and immediate lifting of heavy tissues with a high degree of ptosis.


Main ingredients: polydioxanone (PDO)
Indications for use: recommended for body shaping. Excellent tightening effect when using a minimum number of threads.
Mode of application: for professional use only
Packing: 4pcs=1pack / 10pack = 1box
Storage conditions: store at temperatures from +1 - +25C
Expiration date: 12 months

ReNew by COG Double threads are specially designed nasal threads that are applied under the skin of the nose during the procedure.
They act as a building structure to lift the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose.
Effective for improving the appearance of the nose.
- The unique structure of the threads will effectively capture the skin and lift it in the right direction
- The procedure is so fast and minimally invasive that it allows you to maintain a natural look even after lifting

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