Mesothreads ReNew by COG

4pcs=1pack / 10pack = 1box
ReNew By COG threads are an effective thread for lifting the jawline and restoring a youthful and slender appearance.


Main ingredients: polydioxanone (PDO)
Indications for use: threads with bidirectional notches are ideal for emphasizing the cheekbones, removing the nasolabial fold. Recommended for body shaping (thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, knee joint area, inner thighs). Excellent tightening effect, designed to move the skin and soft tissues.
Mode of application: for professional use only
Packing: 4pcs=1pack / 10pack = 1box
Storage conditions: store at temperatures from +1 - +25C
Expiration date: 12 months

ReNew By COG threads are bi-directional and are the most effective for lifting the jawline.
- ReNew By COG threads are an effective thread to lift the jaw line and restore a youthful and slender appearance.
- New model with bi-directional teeth allows you to achieve the desired result of skin tightening
-L-type cannula provides a smooth introduction into the skin, making the entire lifting procedure absolutely safe, without bleeding, bruising and swelling.

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