Night Prioriti

30 ml in a jar
The unique cream exactly repeats the composition of the bilipid layers between the cells and postcellular structures of the stratum corneum and ensures the restoration of hydration, elasticity and a radiant appearance of healthy young skin.


Main ingredients: deep sea fish oil (omega-3 and omega-6*), rice bran oil, blackcurrant seed oil, avocado oil, vitamin E, hydrolyzed soy proteins, hydrolyzed wheat proteins, pectin, proline, serine, arginine, glucose, red algae extract
Indications for use: dry skin, atopic skin; skin prone to dermatitis
Mode of application: for patients with dry skin 30 days in the morning and in the evening daily with a break of 2 weeks and the resumption of the course. For aging skin 4 times a year for 30 days as a night cream
Packing: 30 ml in a jar
Storage conditions: at room temperature

The real "corneotherapy" is the treatment of the upper layer of the skin. The synthesis of ceramides and other lipids important for the skin is disturbed for many reasons. Most often, in special organelles of cells of the granular layer - lamellar bodies, a sufficient amount of highly specialized and uniquely organized intercellular lipids is not formed, or their ratio changes pathologically. Dryness, peeling appear, the skin becomes sensitive and reactive. A unique cream balanced in composition of ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acids and phospholipids produced from omega 3, omega 6 deep-sea fish and vegetable oils of blackcurrant, avocado and rice bran exactly repeats the composition of bilipid layers between cells and post-cellular structures of the stratum corneum and ensures the restoration of moisture, elasticity and radiant, healthy looking skin.

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