Hair Genesis Pre-Treatment Special Cleanser

300 ml
Special regenerating/purifying scalp peeling with AHA acids Hair Genesis. Peptide concentration: 50 ppm.


Main ingredients: AHA/BHA complex - lactic acid 10%, glycolic acid 5%, glycolic acid 5%, natural salicylates of willow bark extract, papain (papaya fruit extract), peptide complex 50 ppm and copper tripeptide-1, lemon, apple, persimmon extracts, centella asiatica and ivy, menthol
Indications for use: to enhance the effect of the mask and / or hair activator
Mode of application: Can be used in two ways: 1) Apply peeling to dry scalp and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with shampoo. 2) on wet scalp (immediately after shampooing), apply peeling on the scalp and leave for 5 minutes. Apply, then shampoo. Apply to scalp only
Packing: 300 ml
Storage conditions: store in a cool, dry place
Expiration date: 3 years

Peeling Pre-Treatment Special Cleanser perfectly cleanses the scalp, reduces the thickness of the stratum corneum, accelerates skin cell renewal, and improves skin structure. Reduces the formation of dandruff, improves deeper penetration of active ingredients. Bioactive plant extracts and lactic acid contained in the peel soften and moisturize the epidermis and improve blood circulation in the scalp. Peptides and menthol create a warming and cooling effect, which reduces hair loss and regulates sebum secretion. Provides deep cleansing of the scalp and the mouth of the follicles, stimulates the natural renewal of scalp cells, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, reduces the appearance of dandruff and seborrhea, reduces the appearance of oiliness, stabilizes sweating and eliminates unpleasant odor, reduces excess hair loss, improves blood supply to the scalp, activates synthesis protein in the follicles, helps prevent photoaging of the hair and scalp, improves the penetration of active ingredients of cosmetics and medications into the skin, and increases the skin's sensitivity to hardware techniques. Peptide concentration: 50 ppm.

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