Serum Thermo Repair Top Up

The serum instantly improves the quality of the hair: it fills the hair structure, promotes maximum volume, strengthens the hair, gives it amazing shine and softness. It is used for hair care after the dyeing procedure, gives strength and shine, fills damaged hair areas with ceramides.


Main ingredients: vitamin B3, provitamin B5, vitamin E, ceramides, meadowfoam estolide, citrus acid, trace elements, glucose
Indications for use: for hair care after the coloring procedure, to increase hair volume and restore hair
How to use: 1. Immerse a bottle of Thermo Repair Top Up serum in warm water for 20 seconds until it becomes completely transparent. 2. Wash your hair with deep hair cleaning shampoo (for the first procedure of the course) or chelating shampoo (for repeated procedures of the course) once or twice. Dry your hair with a towel. 3. Pour 2-4 ml of serum and 10-20 ml of warm water into a bowl using a syringe (the amount is recommended for medium-length hair; mixing ratio is 1 to 5 for severely damaged hair, 1 to 7 for less damaged hair). Mix until a smooth mousse is obtained. 4. Using a brush, apply the mousse to the hair, stepping back 1 cm from the roots. Comb through your hair and massage it over the entire length. 5. Run an infrared iron 2-3 times over medium-sized strands or put on a plastic cap and leave for 15 minutes under a climazon, hot towel or thermal hat. 6. Rinse hair with as cold water as possible (3-5 seconds). Depending on the type of hair, the composition may not be washed off and immediately start styling. 7. To achieve a visible result, you need to conduct a course of 4 procedures. Frequency of carrying out - the first procedure → after 7 days the second procedure → after 7 days the third procedure → after 14 days the fourth, the final course of the procedure.
Packaging: 20 ml * 12 in ampoules
Storage conditions: at room temperature

Unique treatment “Botox Effect” resulting from the Jean Paul Mynè research activity. Its action is an immediate hair “top up” in all respect giving maximum plumping, volumizing, reinforcing effect, for a sensational brightness and a top softness. Formulation with ceramide III and white foam to give force, strength, volume and to rebuild the hair. Used as a post color service it gives body and shine. NO SLES, NO SLS, NO PARABENS, NO ALLERGENS.

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