Matte Hair Wax Hug Enjoyable Intense

Matte hair wax with strong hold. Allows you to model the hairstyle, while maintaining its mobility, and at the same time moisturizes the hair, giving it a well-groomed appearance and matte effect.


Main ingredients: candelilla wax, plant ceramides
Indications for use: for hair styling. Suitable for all hair types
How to use: Apply to damp hair - as a base for styling. On dry hair - for styling hairstyles
Packaging: 100 ml in a jar
Storage conditions: at room temperature

Forget traditional hair waxes and try Enjoyable Matt Wax intense, the only one of its kind. With an exceptionally rich cosmetic base, it is packed with nourishing active ingredients and plant-based ceramides that hold your look with a mat finish. Before blow dry on damp hair or to define on dry hair. Repairing and light moisturizing, strong hold, mat finish. Rich and natural formulation, enriched with candellilla wax, plant based ceramides, mat finish.

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