Serum Hug Enjoyable Glaze Sweet

A smoothing nourishing serum for hair with light hold. The serum simplifies the styling process, as if "remembering" the shape of your hairstyle. It is applied to damp hair, facilitates styling and "remembers" the shape of the hair. If you want perfectly straight hair or curls, this product is perfect for styling.


Main ingredients: goji berry, organic olive oil, pomegranate extract
Indication for use: for styling straight hair or curls
How to use: To create volume and hydration, apply a small amount of serum to the palm of your hand and then distribute through damp hair before styling. To structure curls, apply the serum to damp hair, let it dry naturally, or style with a diffuser dryer. Use a serum on dry hair for a smoother, shinier look
Packaging: 150 ml in a bottle
Storage conditions: at room temperature

This glaze, which should be applied to damp hair, makes styling easy and “memorises” the shape of your hair. Whether you want ultra-straight locks or controlled curls, it is the perfect hug for you. Thanks to its natural active ingredients from pomegranate and organic olive oil, it gives frizzy hair shine, definition and control, leaving it soft and sculpted. Enriched with natural active ingredients such as goji berries and organic olive oil. Easy to apply.

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