Color Juice Pink hair dye

Color Juice is a new generation hair dye cream. Does not contain PPD and resorcinol. Due to the high content of useful components and a low percentage of ammonia, the dye allows you to get a lasting and intense color, moisturizes, strengthens the hair structure and restores its surface.


Main ingredients: aloe vera, spirulina, plant protein complex, amino acids and nourishing oils
Indications for use: for hair coloring
Directions of use: apply cream paint to the roots of dry and not washed hair, dividing the hair into small strands, about 5 mm wide. Spread the dye evenly over the regrown hair roots. Leave for 20 minutes. After the time has elapsed, rinse thoroughly with warm water. The dye is applied to dry or damp hair, depending on the type of dyeing. With persistent coloring, it is always applied to dry hair, while toning - on dry or wet
Packing: 100 ml x 3 in a tube
Storage conditions: at room temperature

Color Juice is the next-generation hair color cream free of PPD and resorcinol. A product that brings Doc’s safety, mildness, and innovation to the world of hair color creams. Color Juice combines the simple application of a traditional color cream with the excellent results of a cutting-edge product. It stands out for its innovative and smart formula and design. Color Juice has no added water, leaving space for nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients that supply the hair structure with a balanced nutritional intake even during the coloring process. Ensuring extreme mildness on the scalp, maximum comfort for the customer at the salon, and intensive nutritional intake for the hair structure during the coloring process. Minimum odor and maximum coverage, radiance, intensity, and durability. All shades of the palette are mixed together to obtain a variety of color effects. This greatly increases the number of possible options in coloring. The dye is used only with a special active emulsion of natural origin ACTIV PULP ENZYME.

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