B.JU Blooming Reinforcing Hair Treatment 100 ml

An ultra-intensive hair strengthening agent, used after washing the hair to strengthen the structure of damaged keratin fibers.


Main ingredients: sunflower seeds, ceramide 3, linseed oil
Indications for use: for ultra-intensive hair strengthening
Directions of use: apply to damp hair, leave for 3-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
Packing: 100 ml in a battle
Storage conditions: at room temperature

A product for an ultra-intense cosmetic effect, improves the structure of keratin fibers damaged by cosmetic procedures and atmospheric influences. Contains a complex of linseed oil phytoceramides and the latest technical active ingredients, has a powerful cosmetic effect on the hair, making it more manageable, shiny and strong. An ultra-intense texture enriched with linseed oil and a blend of phytoceramides and latest generation technological active ingredients.

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