Mask Ocrys Asana 1000 ml

The mask from the Ocrus product line of the Asana category helps to control unruly curls, gives elasticity, hair does not frizz. The tool clearly outlines curly curls, simplifies their styling, has an anti-frizz effect.


Main ingredients: sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil, linseed oil
Indications for use: for curly hair
How to use: apply the mask to wet pressed hair without affecting the scalp, spread over the entire length, soak for 10 minutes. Then rinse well
Packaging: 1000 ml in a dispenser
Storage conditions: at room temperature

The mask of Asana family of the Ocrys line that helps to keep unruly curls in check and avoiding the dreaded frizzy effect. It works in sinergy with the Shampoo of the same family of Asana suitable for curly hair. Thanks to the biomimetic phyto ceramides contained it forms a protective film which smooths the hair cuticles and istantly improves the definition of the curls with an instant and progressive action. Enriched with sunflowerseed exctracts, jojoba oil, linseed oil. NO SLES, NO SLS, NO ALLERGENS.

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