Mask Navitas Organic Touch

Color recovery mask with colored organic direct pigments. The unique interaction of eleven amino acids and ceramides in the mask reconstructs even severely damaged hair.


Main ingredients: vegetable collagen, oat and wheat proteins, argan, rosehip and flax seed oils
Indications for use: for color restoration and reconstruction of damaged hair
How to use: Apply a tinting mask-dye for Navitas Organic Touch hair on clean, damp hair. Support from 5 to 20 minutes. Rinse with water. Dry your hair
Packaging: 250 ml in a dispenser
Storage conditions: at room temperature

 A rebuilding color mask shampoo with precious pigments for a direct and natural coloration. Precious amino- acids and ceramide give a powerful, synergic reconstructive action on even seriously damaged hair, while argan, wild rose and flax oils help to untangle and moisturise the hair, and give it shine. Organic product with organic pigments. Navitas Organic Touch toning shampoos are available in 11 colors (blueberry, sesame, carry, cinnamon, tumeric, paprika, sumac, carob, cumin, gray pepper, poppy seeds), and masks in nine (blueberry, sesame, carry, cinnamon, tumeric , paprika, sumac, carob, poppy seeds). An additional shade - milk - allows you to take care of colored hair at home, giving it precious shine and shine. Navitas Organic Touch Toning Shampoos and Masks are intended for use only on lightened and colored hair (except for the base shampoo for pastel shades Navitas Organic Touch Milk and base masks for pastel shades Navitas Organic Touch Milk), they are not suitable for painting gray hair and do not tint natural hair. NO SLES, NO SLS, NO PARABENS, NO ALLERGENS.

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