Anesthetic-Сream Hisamitsu Cream

500 g
Anesthetic cream for both cosmetogical and laser treatment.


Main ingredients: lidocaine 8%, benzocaine 10%, prillocaine 4%, adrenaline 0.5%
Indications for use: for both cosmetogical and laser treatment
Mode of application: apply a small amount of cream on the prepared skin area and leave for 15-20 minutes. After 15-20 minutes, remove excess cream with a dry cloth. Make sure that the area of skin has become insensitive to the effects. After removing excess cream, you can proceed with the procedure. Attention! Do not use plastic wrap
Packing: 500 g in a jar
Storage conditions: at room temperature

Anesthetic cream for both cosmetogical and laser treatment. Highly effective and strong formula.

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